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♕ Strategy Four | "Accidental" Voice

[The first sounds that can be heard after the journal "magically" turned on by itself is that of book pages being flipped, and then there's a sigh before Revan's rich voice covers the page flipping] Who do they find to gather the facts for these books?

[she clears her throat] Darth Revan, as she called herself--ah, I do believe that it is the proper term for a Sith Lord, Mister Author--began her onslaught of terror by assassinating the political leaders of the Echani, Corellia, and Serroco, picking them out in random fashion and then forcing the clans under her rule.

[another long-suffering sigh] Random fashion? They would have weakened the Republic. Clearly this author has no idea what it is like to attempt to unite a people.

[moar page flipping] Oh, well at least he found the most accurate illustration of Kyp. [the picture might have accidentally slipped into the journal now, of one Professor Durron, complete with fangs and demon horns] Oh... No. I do believe his height is off... Durron is much shorter.
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