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[Her voice is calm, collected. It is clear she has put much thought into what she is about to say:]

I wonder if you will recall some of the discussions regarding the points system that were had by myself and the Headmaster several weeks past?

It is no particular matter if you do not, though something has been brought to my attention which does relate; namely, that the deduction of points is not an effective means of punishment for certain individuals. While many are invested in the pride of their House, and are appropriately contrite following the loss of points, endeavoring to keep the point total high so that they might not be seen as a... burden to their fellow Housemates, there are those to whom House pride means little, and the disappointment of others even less still.

I understand that the points system exists to promote House unity, and encourage teamwork, but for some, this simply does not work. One of whom I speak in particular, of course, is Kadaj Sorel, though there have been others, in other Houses. Mr. Sorel's actions, while appalling in many cases, have, I feel, not been adequately addressed by those in positions to do so, and so those in Slytherin who do take pride in the performance of their House have had to work doubly hard to make up for his... misbehavior.

What I propose, then, is that an alternative method is found for dealing with those for whom point loss is not an effective deterrent for bad or otherwise inflammatory behavior. Mr. Sorel, for example, has seemed amenable to an arrangement in which myself and my fellow Prefect, Miss Dupond, give him extra tutoring in subjects which capture his interest, in exchange for his cooperation. We have not as yet begun, due to a number of unfortunate incidents befalling the school, but we hope to to do soon, and hope for some measure of success.

I do not believe that such methods will work for all those with this issue who are or will be studying here at Hogwarts, so I wish to foster discussion on how to perhaps develop alternate means of ridding these individuals of their tendency toward disruption, and to reprimand them when these means fail.

I thank you for your time, and am eager to hear any suggestions you may have.
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